Stylish hospitality starts with cutlery

Since time immemorial cutlery has been more than simply a useful table utensil. It is the visual and tactile expression of culture and lifestyle. Which ist why HEPP ist offering a diverse product range: a wide choice of designs and styles. Take a look at our choice of the finest materials in 18/10 stainless steel, 18/0 and in a silverplated finish.



Established in 1996 with the mindset to bring the best in table setting when used in conjunction with Royal White™ chinaware.

Timeless design used by many hotels and Restuarants

  1. 18/0 – Stainless Steel that consist of 18% Chromium, Easily mass produced, this is the low cost version and best suited for the budget consumer.
  2. 18/10 – 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel, excellent corrosion resistance and standard in cutlery industry. Available in matt or polished finish.

Available in 8 different design to suit a wide variety of table set up and budget. 2 designs are also polished to a mirror finish for those that require edge in table setting.