PT. Tritunggal Adyabuana

is an Indonesian national company which has been specifically established in year 2000 to provide and support a wide range of high quality product of   chinaware, glassware, flatware (cutleries), holloware, kitchen utensils, pastry utensils, bar utensils, food service equipment, housekeeping and guest room items for hotel, restaurant, café and catering needs.

Hotel & Restaurant Supplies

One stop solution for your hospitality needs

A warm welcome for your guests

tritunggal adyabuana offers a wide range of hotel supplies for your guestrooms

Small Equipment Supplies

While some hotels have limited kitchen space, it’s still possible to offer an enhanced menu with local dishes through Tritunggal offers range of small equipment. Cook outside of a hood and offer your guests a variety of options.

We have been trusted as the agent for Luzerne chinaware, HEPP-Germany flatware/ holloware, JVD hairdryers, mirrors and guestrooms items, Potterhaus glass buffet ware, Forbes Banquet equipment, Luigi Bormioli Crystal Glassware, Libbey glassware as well as kitchen utensils supplies.

We are keen to serve you with a competitive price yet supply high quality products. Another important concern of our company is the after sales service, as we know that our customers expect a perfect assistance for the products we supply.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation and looking forward to discuss further any business opportunities.

We are glad to serve your hospitality needs…